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5 Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

The New Year is all about recreating and improving oneself, setting personal and professional goals, and pushing past comfort zones, but it is also the perfect time to refresh your home. So, in correspondence with the fresh start that comes with the beginning of the year, we have gathered together 5 of the top interior design trends predicted for 2023. Happy designing and decorating!


Say goodbye to all gray interiors and hello to warm hues. From neutral and cozy looks to soothing palettes and everything in between, colors found throughout nature are here to stay. Whether through furniture and fabric, wallpaper or paint, think tones such as caramel, plum, mustard, terra cotta, deep corals and the likes.


In keeping with the theme of nature, this trend seeks to connect a space with the natural environment. Materials like wood, bamboo and cork add texture and character while connecting the area to nature through windows or greenery. Fun fact: biophilic design is even believed to reduce stress, improve overall well-being and enhance creativity!


From wrapping around islands and cascading to the floor in waterfall edges to smaller decorative pieces like trays, candlesticks and side tables, sophisticated stoneware will dominate the interior design scene. Natural materials like travertine and marble will brighten rooms and bring an ambiance of timeless luxury to everyday living.


Keeping with the trend of comfort and coziness, sharp angles are on their way out, which allows for smooth edges and organic curves to take center stage. From lighting and upholstery to furniture and architectural details, these rounded forms create dimension while incorporating a soft look for a welcoming and relaxing ambiance.


Whether decorating with family heirlooms, shopping vintage antiques, or embracing the resurgence of 70s decor; breathing new life into older pieces while incorporating a contemporary twist will be huge. Consider mixing mid-century styles like brass fittings and unexpected pops of color with a modern aesthetic to create a home that exudes character, nostalgia and authenticity. Think unconventional bookends and house plants to revitalize a well-used bookcase or statement wallpaper that provides a refreshing backdrop for vintage furniture.

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