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A Mission of Hope

It is during uncertain times like these that you truly see the goodness in the world. Friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors, and community members coming together to care for and support each other. The most difficult obstacle about our current situation is that we are being told that it is most helpful to stay home and away from others, leaving so many of us feeling helpless. That’s why I want to tell you about a wonderful organization with a mission to assist those affected by a sudden crisis - Spring Creek Community Assistance Relief Efforts known as CARES.

Inspired by the needs of the community, CARES is a nonprofit organization focused on providing one-time financial assistance to help hardworking individuals, families and small businesses remain independent when faced with an unexpected crisis.

Unlike most charities, this organization focuses on the low to moderate income residents who are not likely to qualify for poverty assistance but whose livelihood is threatened. By partnering with other nonprofits, churches, schools and community leaders in the Kendall and Bexar County areas, CARES is able to identify those in need, vet candidates and provide the necessary help immediately.

With a heart set on getting our community members back on track to self-sufficiency, CARES often pays for things like living costs, auto, medical, training and rehabilitation services. Instead of facing the possibility of recurring assistance, potential homelessness or the onset of generational poverty, CARES is helping people stay independent.

As a nonprofit, their work is only made possible through volunteers and the generous support of the community. Each contribution to CARES brings their name to life and shows our community that we really do care for one another. One hundred percent of every donation received goes directly to those in need. Cash is never given directly to the recipients so when you give, you don’t have to wonder where your money goes.

If you are like me, feeling helpless during this very unprecedented time, I strongly urge you to consider giving to CARES. I know that any amount, big or small, will make the difference in someone’s life.

For more information on CARES or how to donate, please visit

Hope everyone and their families are staying safe. God bless!

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