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Adventures with Mac - 15 Pet-Friendly Places Around Town

Hi, my name is Mac. I’m a good boy and honestly the luckiest pup in the world! Why am I so lucky you ask? Well, I’ve heard that some dogs don’t get out much and are stuck in their backyards. That’s no fun. I, on the other paw, get to explore and check out all the interesting and unique smells out there!

Whenever I do go out, I make sure to bring my humans with me. You might know them - they call each other Randy and Patti Nelson, but I just refer to them as Dad and Mom. They are the greatest…but back to me, I’m a large Goldendoodle puppy (it is so important that you get the breed right when talking to my mom because you know how mothers can be) so I have a lot of energy to use up and need a non-destructive, good-boy way to do it. That’s one of the perks of those adventures I was telling you about - I get to play with my parents and meet new friends so I’m dog tired by the time we get back home. So if you’re a pup reading this, or if you have a fun and good-looking canine who likes to get out on the town, you should try some of our favorite pet-friendly places in this area. These are the dog days of summer after all!

p.s. I’m just guessing that it’s summer since I have to pant a lot when I’m outside.

p.p.s. These other adorable pups and their humans are my Mom's clients!


There’s so much to do here! Take your human for long walks, or let them enjoy swimming, kayaking and even picnics.

Fresh air, sunshine and your best friend by your side - that’s what you can enjoy here. There are playgrounds for kids and plenty of places to sniff and explore!

Now your humans can’t get away with saying it’s “too late” to go to the park! Open from 5 in the morning to 11 at night, you and your family can enjoy 1.5 acres of fenced land with exercise equipment, picnic areas, benches and a walking trail.

This might be my all-time favorite place! There’s everything from shopping and dining to beautiful (and smelly in a good way) green spaces. Every Saturday and Sunday, there’s a Famers Market where you can meet a lot of new humans and their doggie companions

I love this dog park because it has separate areas for large and small breeds. Don’t get me wrong, I like everyone regardless of size but when I get too excited, I could accidentally hurt someone smaller than me. At this park, I don’t have to worry! There are even benches for our families to sit on while we play.

This is one of the go-to parks in Boerne. It underwent a “facelift” (not sure how since a park doesn’t have a face but anyway) in 2013 and now has new picnic tables, fishing piers, trails and a few wild ducks and geese. I’m not sure yet if chasing them is allowed.


This “brewpub” has tasty human food and drinks but be warned, they also have ducks! Like real ducks swimming in the pond close by so make sure you’re on your best behavior. You don’t want to embarrass your family by trying to make them quack and fly.

First off, just look at the name - of course they’d be pet-friendly! This ice house has beer, fun munchies, and a relaxed setting perfect for pups and our people.

If your human enjoys a good beer, bring them here and relax on the patio while they eat and drink. People get hungry too after all.

This really cool place located next to the River Walk is what humans call a “counter-serve kitchen and bar.” I’ve heard the food is really delicious and the seating choices include picnic tables or swings. Since it’s all outside, it’s a perfect spot for man and his or her best friend.

This is a puppy day done right with dog-friendly patios, delicious food and moonshine (I think this is a drink - not what you see at night).

You can’t get much better than drinks, eats and this dog-friendly riverside restaurant & lounge in Hotel Havana. Located inside a glass conservatory overlooking the River Walk, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks influenced by Mexico, Cuba and Texas flavors.

Another restaurant I give a high-paw to is this place! Its Pooch Menu offers mouth-watering hot dogs, 6 ounce patties, Scooby snacks and Pupcicles!

This backyard destination in Boerne is pet and kid-friendly so you can spend time with the whole family! Your people can enjoy 80+ beers on tap, wine, food trucks and a monster bounce for the tiny humans.

This place is a barkin’ good time because not only do they have yummy human food, but they have a dog menu also! Pups can relax on the outdoor patios and choose from the Pooch-ini, which is dog biscuits and vanilla custard, or the Bag O’ Bones, which are 5 ShackBurger® dog biscuits made by NYC’s Bocce’s Bakery. I’m drooling already!

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