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Home Designs with Mac - 5 of His Favorite Dog-Friendly Features

Mac here! It feels like it’s been seven years since I’ve been nose-to-nose with all of my mom’s virtual friends, which I guess, in dog years, it has been. Anyway, a quick update for those who don’t know me - my name is Mac. I’m a good boy, a handsome Goldendoodle, and I have the bestest parents, Patti and Randy Nelson.

While I usually sniff out the best places around town for pets and their parents to play, this year will be a little different because it’s just too doggone hot outside. Instead, I’m going to show you five of my favorite pet-friendly home designs so you can fetch them. Let’s go!

Freedom Finder - A Stylish Doggy Door

Not to be catty, but we pups need freedom too. We’re loyal and love nothing more than snoozing at your feet (though I’d really prefer on the couch next to you), but every now and then, we just need some alone time. That’s where the Freedom Finder, or doggy door as humans call it, comes in! It’s easy and convenient for us and allows you to stay on the couch when we want to sunbathe outside or chase that squirrel away (I just know he’s trying to steal my treats). From clear flaps to more stylish options, there are a range of designs for walls, doors and windows. I, myself, prefer the hidden (and super cool) doggy doors!

Cleaning Corner - A Mudroom with Bathing Station

When water falls from the sky, we can’t help but get our paws muddy and our coats soaked. It’s just the way the dog cookie crumbles. So instead of scolding us for leaving an adorable track of puppy prints on the rug, just add a Cleaning Corner (I think they’re also called mudrooms). While it is our duty to protect the family, a room like this would protect furniture and floors. Bath time would be more fun too since Mom wouldn’t be as worried about me splashing and shaking water everywhere. There are all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors so just make sure the height and placement of the station match your pup’s stature. I know my mom doesn’t want to try lifting all 75 pounds of me (I workout; what can I say?).

Beddy by Basket - A Built-In Bed

We’re canines, descendants of wolves, so we know how to ruff it outside. Sometimes though, especially at night, we need a comfy Beddy by Basket to snooze in. Rather than a pillow on the floor that takes up unnecessary space, clutters rooms, and can get caught between Dad’s feet, consider a built-in nook. Under the stairs, in the laundry room, or wherever you have unused space, we would be happy to call it our own. And while I’m no scaredy cat, it would be a cozy spot to escape to when it’s thundering or even when you’re just dog-tired.

Timeout Time - Furniture-Inspired Crates

I’m only including this one because my older brother, Timber, made me. While it certainly isn’t my favorite doggy accessory, I’m sure some little stinkers (like my fluffy niece, June) out there really need it. So here goes. When it comes to keeping us pooches out of trouble, there is nothing better than the Timeout Time corner. Timber says they’re called crates and can even look like furniture. That’s cool, I guess, but it’s also kind of sneaky disguising something like that as a pretty table.

Snack Spot - A Built-In Food Station

My favorite time of day is the dinner dash! Eating makes me happy, and even more so when I can do it around (and especially with) my family. That’s why I love my built-in Snack Spot! I’ve overheard my parents calling it a “food and water station.” Anyway, eating outside in this heat is a no-go and, occasionally, mealtime can get messy. But with my bowls held in place, I don’t have to worry about anyone knocking it over or accidentally slinging dog food across the floor in all the excitement. Trust me, add it to your home and your four-pawed family member will eat it right up!

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