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PNL Goes Pink with Avestee Women’s Imaging for Breast Cancer Awareness

To some women around San Antonio and the surrounding Hill Country, Avestee Women’s Imaging Center may just be another business that performs mammograms, but to Patti Nelson Luxury, it means so much more.

Back in 2018, Patti's sister, Juli, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Our family was devastated,” Patti said. “You always think it happens to someone else’s family…not yours. But because Juli was disciplined and got a mammogram every year, it was detected very early.”

Patti and Juli had been visiting Avestee Women’s Imaging Center annually for years because they offered 3D scanning. This advanced technology allowed radiologists to see Juli’s very small lump and subsequently encourage her to get a biopsy.

According to Dr. Suzanne Dabbous, the Founder of Avestee, 3D imaging is more accurate than a conventional 2D mammogram.

“It has been shown to decrease the number of callbacks and increase the number of cancers detected,” Dr. Dabbous said. “For the patient, there is almost no difference in the tests. It does require compression but does not last significantly longer than the 2D mammogram.”

Considered a breast imaging center of excellence by the American College of Radiology, Avestee has been in business for 8 years with locations in Alamo Heights, Boerne, Westover Hills and, most recently, Stone Oak.

While campaigns such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month have put focus on early detection, Dr. Dabbous still fears the misinformation spread regarding statistics of mammography and its benefits.

“All women starting at age 40, if not before, should undergo a screening,” she said. “You do not need a physician’s order. In usually less than 10 minutes, you can walk in and have the appointment performed.”

While no preparation is required besides refraining from wearing deodorant, all that is left to do after the screening is to wait for the results. If a radiologist determines that there is an abnormality on the screening films, Avestee will contact the patient to schedule additional imaging. According to Dr. Dabbous, these typically include a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. If the diagnostic study reveals an abnormality suspicious for malignancy, a recommendation for biopsy will be made and subsequently performed.

“This process can be fraught with anxiety,” Dr. Dabbous said. “In an attempt to mitigate unnecessary anxiety and frustration, we notify every patient requiring additional imaging by telephone as well as in a written letter.”

According to her, when the patient returns for the diagnostic work up, they are notified at that appointment of the need for additional follow up or biopsy instead of having to wait to hear from their physician.

“I am extremely grateful to Avestee Women's Imaging for my sister’s early detection,” Patti said. “I want to make sure everyone hears our story about early detection so we can help save lives.”

To learn more about early detection and Avestee Women's Imaging Center, visit

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