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The Dog Days of Summer Call for a Pooches Day Spa

If you know the Nelson family, you know that they wholeheartedly believe that a house isn’t a home without their fur babies. One of the obstacles they encounter often though is managing the hair and odor, especially when they want to cuddle with or bring the pups indoors. So they were thrilled when they discovered Pooches Day Spa.

“It has the cutest and most tranquil atmosphere,” Patti Nelson said. “From the moment you walk in the door, the staff is friendly and makes you feel completely at ease.”

Located in Fair Oaks Ranch, Pooches is a boutique that offers a wide variety of services to accommodate your pet’s specific needs and improve their health, beauty and relaxation. From basic grooming to custom styling, there are plenty of options to thoroughly pamper your four-legged friend.

“We always took Duke and Annie to get a refreshing bath and hair cut,” Patti said. “During the summer, they would also get a shave to keep them more comfortable when they were outside in the heat. We’d drop off two Goldens and later pick up the most adorable little lion cubs!”

If it’s a lavish and unique spa treatment that you’re looking for, Pooches Day Spa does not disappoint. Let your pet indulge in a Blueberry Facial that takes natural blueberry antioxidants to gently remove odors and tear stains, or request the Intensely Nourishing Gloss Shampoo for adding exceptional softness and shine to their coat. You can even have your pooch’s teeth cleaned or purchase a natural flea and tick treatment for them.

But pet grooming is about more than getting rid of a stinky odor and excess shedding. The many benefits include eliminating painful matted fur and avoiding overgrown nails that could cause walking issues or shift a dog’s posture. Basically, it is an essential component to caring for a dog’s health.

“When we’d pick up Annie and Duke from the spa, they just acted like they felt better,” Patti said. “They definitely smelled better that’s for sure!”

9091 Fair Oaks Parkway #303 | 210-698-9111 |

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